Lorenz Financial Portfolio Management
& Financial Planning FAQ’s

Below, you’ll find answers to our most common portfolio management and financial planning FAQ’s.
If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Before we talk about investments, what will we discuss regarding my family and myself?

Before we discuss investment opportunities, we will discuss and define your goals, as well as look at your current assets (income, open investment accounts, property value, etc.). Do you want to retire on the beach? Pay for your child’s college tuition? Purchase a new home? Set aside funds to buy a new car every five years? Everyone has different financial goals, but once we have a thorough understanding of yours, we feel confident that we can put a financial plan that works for you together.

What financial products does Lorenz Financial offer?

At Lorenz Financial, we offer portfolio management (investment) and financial planning services. We do not offer banking, accounting, legal, or real estate, insurance, annuity, or commodity trading services or products.

What are the typical annual costs of these investments?

You will never write Lorenz Financial a check. We are paid a quarterly fee based on a percentage of our clients’ assets under management. Thus, what you pay will come directly from your investment account, and the number will depend on the value of your assets. We can discuss this in depth during your initial consultation.

Does Lorenz Financial charge a commission, front-end or back-end loads, markups, hourly fee, 12b-1 fee, account fee, or a fee to open or close an account?

In short, no. As a fiduciary, we do not work off of commission. Instead, we are paid a quarterly fee based on a percentage of the client’s assets under management. This means that our income only increases as our clients’ assets grow, and we only win if our clients win. In addition, we only offer commission-free investments and do not sell high-commission annuities or loaded mutual funds.

How does Lorenz Finacial get paid?

You will never write Lorenz Financial a check. Lorenz Financial is paid a quarterly fee based on a percentage of the client’s assets under management. Our income only increases as the value of your assets grow.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. Our services are obligation free. While we will do all that we can to ensure that you are happy with our services, we will help you transfer your accounts to another financial advisory firm if you so choose.

Who will hold my money and securities?

We will manage your portfolio, but your account will be opened through a third-party broker for security reasons. Thus, a third-party broker will hold your assets. We can discuss this process in depth during your initial consultation.

Are the no-cost, no-obligation financial plans really free?

Clients will never be charged for a lifetime financial plan. The consultation and plan, which can be accessed online, are truly free of charge. That said, a financial planning consultation does give Lorenz Financial an opportunity to discuss our portfolio management services with prospective clients.

Where can I view my financial plan?

After your initial financial planning consultation, we will provide your login information so you can view your finacial plan online at www.moneyguidepro.com/ifa/.

Can I make changes to my financial plan?

Yes. We understand that the unexpected happens and that your financial plan may need to adjust. You will be able to make those changes at www.moneyguidepro.com/ifa/, and we are also happy to meet for another consultation.

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