Mark Lorenz

President & Founder


Mark Lorenz has had two interests since he was a child: engineering and finances. At age 10, Mark decided that he wanted to become an engineer. Without ever doubting this decision, Mark earned his BS in Engineering and worked for Caterpillar for 40 years, with the last 20 years in Lafayette, Indiana.

At age 13, Mark began reading The Wall Street Journal daily and became fascinated with financial investments, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. As an adult, Mark managed his own portfolio as a hobby and gradually became more engrossed in the investment and financial industry.

After a 40-year career as an engineer, Mark retired but became restless quickly and decided retirement was a great time to pursue a second career in his other passion. Mark studied and passed the Series 65 exam and became a fiduciary representing clients’ best interests. This enabled him to offer financial planning and portfolio management services to clients, as well as to found Lorenz Financial Services, LLC.

As an engineer, Mark learned the importance of diligence and attention to detail. These skills have carried over to his role as a fiduciary, which Mark hopes will give his clients peace of mind and confidence in Lorenz Financial’s services.

Why Mark Chose to Become a Fiduciary

Mark chose to become a Lafayette, Indiana fiduciary—rather than a stockbroker—because Mark fully embraces the fiduciary’s obligations to put the client’s interest first. Mark created Lorenz Financial as a registered investment advisory firm that provides complete transparency to clients of all costs and any conflicts of interest.

Mark’s goal is to offer comprehensive financial planning, investment advisory services, and portfolio management to those who need help reaching their financial goals.

Fiduciaries also do not work on commission. Instead, their income only grows if their clients’ assets grow. As a result, Mark is truly only successful if his clients are successful, and Mark handles each client’s portfolio with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Because Lorenz Financial is a fiduciary, we are legally required to put clients’ needs and goals in front of the firm.

 Are you ready to create a financial plan?

At Lorenz Financial, we believe every individual and family should have a financial plan, which is why we provide no-cost, no-obligation financial plans. Learn more about our service, and schedule a consultation!