Five Reasons to Choose Lorenz Financial?

Five Reasons to Choose Lorenz Financial


Whether you’re looking for a financial advisor who can help with your first financial plan or you’re a seasoned investor searching for an investment advisor to manage your portfolio, here are five reasons to choose Lorenz Financial:


1. Lorenz Financial always puts clients’ needs before the firm.


Because we are a fiduciary, not a stockbroker, we are legally required to put our clients’ best interest ahead of our firm. In other words, we always do what is best for our clients, regardless of what this means for Lorenz Financial. Stockbrokers are not subject to this ruling, and we chose to become fiduciaries because we believe our clients deserve to have peace of mind.


What’s the difference between a fiduciary and a stockbroker? Find out here.


2. We have access to an unlimited number of investment opportunities.


Because we are an independent fiduciary, we have access to an unlimited number of investment opportunities. This allows us to utilize investments that best meet our clients’ needs. This isn’t a benefit that all financial advisors can offer. In fact, many financial advisors have a list of investments they can use to build portfolios. Because they are not allowed to stray from this list, their clients may miss out on ideal opportunities. At Lorenz Financial, having access to an unlimited number of investment opportunities allows us to build strong portfolios and doesn’t put restrictions on our clients’ financial success.


3. Our income only increases if our clients’ assets grow.


Many financial advisors work off of commission, but we don’t. Our income only grows if our clients’ assets grow. In other words, we don’t make more money unless our clients’ portfolios are profitable. We believe this is the only fair way to serve as investment advisors.


4. We offer no-cost, no-obligation financial plans.


We believe having a financial plan is so important that we offer truly free financial plans. We take time to get to know our financial planning clients, assess their finances, and understand their financial goals. Then, using a goals-based, probability software, we help individuals and families determine if their goals are plausible. If they aren’t, we will help clients determine what they can change (e.g. delaying retirement, setting more aside, investing, etc.) in order to make the future they’re envisioning possible. After all of this is complete, we help clients get on track to reach their financial goals.


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5. We’re passionate about what we do.


Lorenz Financial President Mark Lorenz became fascinated with the investment and finance industry when he was 13 years old. During his 40-year career as an engineer, Mark managed his own portfolio as a hobby. Lorenz Financial was founded on Mark’s passion for this industry, and this passion drives what we do and how we serve our clients.

If you have further questions about who we are or what we do, please visit our website or contact us. As we said, we are passionate about our industry and are always happy to discuss financial planning and investing.


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Lorenz Financial Services, LLC is a Lafayette, Indiana fiduciary who offers financial planning and portfolio management services. If you have questions about who we are or our services, please contact us at (765) 532-3295 or email us.